Why Do My Fish Keep Jumping Out Of Their Bowl?

What causes fish to leap from their tanks? Have you ever seen your fish jumping out of the tank? Does a fish usually jump out of its aquarium like this? Actually, this is different. Fish only leap from the water when they are uneasy there.

Fish jumping out of the tank is not a simple thing. There are many reasons behind this behavior of fish for example poor water quality, too hot or cold water, low oxygen level, aggressive tank mates, etc.

If you want to know what makes your fish leap out of their tank, this is the post for you. I’ve mentioned each cause of your fish leaping out in this guide. Read on to learn why goldfish huddle.

Reasons Fish Leap from Their Tanks Includes

There are six main reasons why fish leap out of aquariums, along with eight possible fixes. Let’s examine each in further detail:

1. The Tank is not Big Enough

Fish value their space very much. It will make an attempt to escape its living surroundings by leaping out of the tank when confined to a small, claustrophobic place. You should offer a fish as much room as you can afford and maintain. Fish find it unpleasant when they can’t swim properly.

The fish Tank Is Not Big Enough

2. Poor Water Quality

In unclean water, fish loathe existing. Poor water quality may poison them, so it’s not just uncomfortable for them. Your fish will jump out of your tank in search of a safer environment if the levels of ammonia and nitrite in it are too high.

If your fish begin to leap out of the tank, immediately test the water for ammonia and nitrite. You need to immediately clean the water if the levels are too high in order to rescue your fish. Regular sources of high ammonia levels include decomposing material, including fish waste, uneaten food, dead fish, and decomposing plants. As a result, some ammonia-reduction strategies include regular water changes, avoiding overfeeding your fish, clearing away waste and debris, and always ensuring that the water is as clean as possible.

Poor Water Quality

Additionally, you must have a reliable biological filtering system in place. Ammonia is disposed of and broken down via biological filtering medium. You have a severe issue if you don’t have a biofilter or if it needs to be fixed. Make sure your biological filter is working correctly.

3. Oxygen Levels are Low

Lack of dissolved oxygen in the water is one of the leading causes of fish jumping out of the tank in an attempt to find a new home. Even though the majority of fish lack lungs to breathe in gaseous oxygen, they nonetheless need to be dissolved oxygen in the water to breathe. Your fish may jump out, hoping to find a place with more dissolved oxygen if it cannot breathe properly, owing to a shortage of oxygen.

goldfish Oxygen Levels are Low

Now, there are a number of causes for an oxygen shortage in the tank. First, there will only be enough oxygen in the water if you have a tank with too many fish. For the chance to breathe, your fish will battle and compete with one another.

In this situation, you can acquire a bigger fish tank or have fewer fish in the same size tank. The other approach is to include an airstone to the tank if you don’t feel like performing any of these things. Fish need a lot of dissolved oxygen to breathe, which is why air stones are used to aerate and oxygenate the water.

4. Poor Water Temperature

The temperature of the water is another aspect of the aquatic environment that could cause your fish to leap out. Since almost all fish require a specific water temperature to be content and survive, they are often quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Your fish may jump out of the water in search of cooler or warmer water if it is far too cold or hot.

gold fish Water Temperature

They will do this initially if the heat or cold has yet to prevent them from doing so. Check the tank’s water temperature and ensure you know what it needs for your fish. You are aware of the issue if the water is overly hot or cold.

5. Hostile and aggressive Tank Mate

Some fish species are aggressive toward other fish because they are territorial. Keeping an improper fish will result in battles, fin nipping, and aggressive chases, leaving your meek fish with no alternative except to depart the tank from the other fish. Furthermore, you can read about why goldfish die from a fair.

6. Diseases and Parasites

Fish will definitely jump out of the tank when they are ill or have parasites, which causes them agony. Sometimes the friction of leaping out of the water temporarily soothes their irritated skin.

goldfish Diseases and Parasites

Many illnesses are not discovered until it is too late. To stop hazardous germs from growing and infecting your fish, you must maintain your tank clean and keep an eye out for indications of pain and discomfort in your fish.


Your fish may jump out of their aquariums for various reasons. You will need to monitor the fish if this is the case, check that they aren’t jammed into an area too small for them, make sure your filter is in good working order, test the water for ammonia, and manage the water’s chemistry. If you want your fish to quit leaping out of the tank, you will have to play a guessing game just so you can figure out why they are doing it.

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