Where Can I Sell Guppies? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to selling guppies, you can do that in many ways. You can sell your guppies online, like on eBay, Instagram, Facebook, online fish stores, craigslist, and aqua bids. Additionally, you may sell your unique and healthy guppy strains to your local fish store.

However, keep in mind that a license is necessary if you intend to sell guppies professionally. However, no consent is required if you plan to sell it to another aquarium owner.

How to Sell Guppies?

Selling anything has grown more accessible in the modern world. Additionally, because we’re talking about guppy fish, there are several ways to market them. You can find a new home for your guppy fish by scrolling a little bit.

The following are some options for selling your guppy fish:

1. Sell them off to a pet shop

Selling your guppies to a pet shop is one of the greatest ways to do it. Because bigger pet stores have agreements with large farms, they might not buy fish from you or even pay you. Thus a local pet or fish store is preferred.

Sell them off to a pet shop

If your intention is to sell your guppies only once, you must ensure that your guppy fish are in good health, allowing you to sell them for a fair price.

2. Send some to a friend

Guppies make wonderful pets and great gifts for anybody interested in fish keeping. Therefore, if you have any extra guppies to give away, you may ask a friend whether they’d want to retain them before selling or giving them as a present.

3. Give them a bigger fish to eat

There are various ways to get rid of guppies, albeit most people might find this unpleasant. Live guppy fish may be a highly nutritious snack or meal if you have larger fish in your aquarium. The big carnivorous fish like live food.

4. Guppies may be bought and sold on Aqua Bid

It is an internet marketplace with a focus on buying and selling aquarium fish and accessories. You may auction off your guppies here. Your fish will receive a lot of bids, and you may really sell it for a big profit.

What Price Can I Get for My Guppies?

Before taking any more action, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of how much a guppy is worth. This will mostly rely on the type of guppy fish you are selling, as well as its appearance, color, size, and looks. Because they need more work to produce, species that have been selectively developed over generations will cost more.

What Price Can I Get for My Guppies

If you have mutt guppies, be aware that they fetch less money. The most affordable variety of guppy, they often only cost a few dollars each. You may be able to sell them for less than $9 for a pair. Even though mongrel guppies can have extremely attractive looks, most people would steer clear of buying them for breeding since they originate from unreliable lineages.

Additionally, fancy guppies can cost up to $100 because of their characteristics, which include bigger bodies and vibrant, distinctive colors. A pair of elegant guppies or competitive guppies often costs $50 to $60.


Managing a guppy fish in your tank can become very challenging because these fish breed a lot. And as a result of this, they produce a lot of fry, which causes the guppies to become overpopulated. So, the only choice left is to get rid of some guppies.

As stated in the article above, you can utilize any of these sites to sell your guppies and assist in helping them find new homes, or you can give them away for free.

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