Molly Fish

If you are new to Fishkeeping then I suggest you to look for a peaceful, easygoing, and adaptive fish. In simple words, I am recommending you to add Molly Fish to your aquarium. You may find some dull coloured Molly Fish out there but that breed is wild one. Instead, I suggest you to buy vibrant, colourful, and ornamental Molly Fish that is especially bred for Aquariums. Indeed, there will be a price difference but the beautification of your aquarium will be un-paralleled by adding colourful Molly Fish. There is an answer to Why should you add Molly Fish to your aquarium. In fact, Mollies have a distinctive feature that elevates their status from rest of the fish is that they are a community fish. They will easily adjust in your aquarium with the existing fish. So, if you are already keeping some fish and you wanna add some species then go for Mollies.