How Long Can a Goldfish Survive Out of Water?

How long can a goldfish survive in an aquarium without filters? Do goldfish require filtration? Can a goldfish survive without an air pump or filter? Although goldfish don’t require filters, having one will do no harm. The purity of the water is the only factor that matters. However, having a filter for your goldfish is a perfect idea. The reason for that?

The life of Goldfish in an unfiltered tank depends upon the tank size, water quality, cleanliness, frequent change of water, and food waste. If the tank is big and clean, water parameters are up to the mark and you are changing the water frequently then it can live long otherwise only 12 to 48 hours max.

Well, for that, you’ll need to read the information below to find out how long your goldfish can survive without a filter, what happens to your fish when there isn’t a filter in the tank, and why you should maintain a filter in the tank.

How Long Can a Goldfish Survive in an Unfiltered Tank?

Fish may survive without a filter for up to seven days and no less than three days. A filter assists in reprocessing the water in order to keep the pollutants from settling down. The likelihood of a fish thriving in an aquarium without a filter is also relatively high because they can quickly adjust to any environment. However, how long it can last without the water continually purifying relies on a few things, such as the water quality and temperature. You can also read about cloudy goldfish tanks.

How Long Can a Goldfish Survive in an Unfiltered Tank

How Long Can Goldfish Survive Without an Air Pump?

If you choose to keep your goldfish in a fishbowl, a small quantity of cloudiness might cause them to lack oxygen. And when there is a dearth of oxygen, your goldfish will only live for 12 to 48 hours. They will then pass away.

Your goldfish can have ammonia poisoning if there is no filter in the aquarium or fishbowl because the fish waste will dissolve in the water and cause ammonia to build up. Additionally, the oxygen rate will significantly decrease in the absence of an air pump.

Without filtration, these wastes accumulate in the water. This implies that if you keep goldfish in a 2-gallon bowl without a filter, you often need to replace the water.

You don’t need these instruments if you have the capacity to change the water every third day in order to maintain it clean and to brim with new oxygen.

How Long Can Goldfish Survive Without an Air Pump

However, if your aquarium has a filter that causes a lot of water surface movement, you may need to add an airstone to the tank. Small bubblers called “air stones” release air bubbles into the water.

The air in the fish tanks may be diffused with the help of this accessory, which also helps to reduce the bubbling noise inside the tanks. As a result, it makes use of the movement of the water’s surface to encourage a rise in oxygen levels.

Goldfish will have shorter lives without an air pump or air stone if the water surface is regularly bubbling and active. It’s because it’s hindering the oxygen levels as well.

One goldfish cannot fast deplete an entire aquarium. Therefore you may not need an air pump or filter if you only have one. However, if you have a lot of fish in the same tank, you should be more concerned about the filter and air pump. You can also read Do Goldfish Eat Each Other Or Other Fish?

More fish means the ocean needs more oxygen. And having an air pump is the sole requirement for doing it. If something were to go wrong with the water in the fish tank, you would lose all of the fish, not just the goldfish.


Even though it’s not required, giving your goldfish filtration is often the friendliest action. Besides enhancing the water’s quality and the ecosystem, filters also generate currents and bubbles that some goldfish like playing in. With a decent filtration system, keeping your water at a good quality can be easier. Your goldfish could become unwell or pass away due to poor water quality. Consequently, adding a filter is the best approach to ensure that your goldfish are safe and live a long time.

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