GoldFish Poop – Is it Normal Or Is There Something Wrong?

Paying close attention to your Goldfish’s poop is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your Goldfish. This can be done by understanding the different types of poops a Goldfish can have and how that may be an indication of a health problem. If you think that your Goldfish’s poop looks different than what it normally looks like, I will tell you how that may be hinting towards something.

Goodfish Poop

Goldfish being a specie of fish, do not urinate but only produce poop. Their poop and excretion of ammonia from their gills are the only way they let out waste from their tiny bodies. Hence, to keep them healthy and living, proper excretion of waste is required from their bodies. As with humans, it can be worrisome if your Goldfish has something abnormal in its poop. So, in this article, I will highlight the problems associated with different types of Goldfish poop, and how these problems can be solved.

What is Normal GoldFish Poop?

To understand how your Goldfish’s poop may be different from what it should be, you must know what their poop is normally like.


Goldfish poop takes the color of their most prominent diet. So, if you have lately been feeding them vegetation and plants, it is okay if you find their poop to be greenish. Similarly, as Goldfish as omnivores, and can be fed meat as well, their poop can be pinkish if meat is present in their diets. Ideally, if you are only feeding your Goldfish pet store-bought food, their poop would be pale yellow and translucent in color. Sometimes, it can take the color of the pellets that your Goldfish are being fed. While sometimes, you cannot even see their poop, as it is pale and the color blends well with the water around.


Normally, Goldfish poop should be of such consistency that it sinks to the bottom of the tank. Their poop should not be hanging from their bodies and should be in solid form. Anything other than this can be hinting at a problem. Ideally, your Goldfish’s poop should fall off its anus as soon as it is excreted and sink to the bottom.


The quantity of your Goldfish’s poop depends upon the amount and type of food that you are feeding them. The amount of food that your Goldfish needs to be fed daily is about the size of its eyes. This amount is ideally given in a spread of 2 to 3 meals.

Different Types of GoldFish Poop

A deviation from the normal characteristics of Goldfish poop can be an indicator of some disease or problem. I can easily tell what my Goldfish needs by looking at their poop if it is different from the normal amount, color, and consistency. Let me help you by identifying the different types of poops you can observe in your Goldfish tank.

Different Types of GoldFish Poop

1. White Poop

This is very common among Goldfish, but it can be very dangerous as well. White feces can be an indication of one or all of the following problems in your Goldfish:

  • Constipation: This is very common among Goldfish and can be easily dealt with, by having them fast for a couple of days after every few weeks. Also, make sure to provide your Goldfish with fiber and vegetables to avoid this. If none of this works, then add Epsom salt to your Goldfish tank.
  • Low-Quality Food: When feeding your Goldfish, be sure to give them the best quality of food and nutrients. If they are not properly nourished and provided with essential nutrients, they may become constipated. This will turn their poop white.
  • Parasitic Infection: If your Goldfish is pooping a white substance, and its anus is swollen, it is very much possible that your Goldfish is suffering from parasitic infections. Make sure to treat this as soon as possible, by cleaning your water more regularly, and medicating your Goldfish properly.
  • Bacterial Infection: Along with the white poop that your Goldfish is producing, if it is also bloated and fatter than usual, there might be a case of bacterial infections. To avoid this, do regular water changes to your Goldfish tank.
  • Underfed: If your Goldfish is pooping white feces that is also paler than usual, it is possible that you have not been feeding your Goldfish properly. You can fix this by adding the right amount of nutrients that they need in their diets, in proper quantities. Make sure to feed them regularly.

2. Reddish Brown Poop

If the color of your Goldfish’s poop is brownish or red in color, you might need to consult a doctor immediately. Here is why:

  • Carnallanus Worms: These worms are a type of parasite that can live in your Goldfish’s stomach and cause their poop to turn reddish-brown in color. This can be treated through proper medication by consulting your fish doctor first.
  • Diarrhea: It may seem odd, but your Goldfish can get diarrhea as well. This will cause the water behind them to turn a brown shade. There may be no visible poop, but the color can indicate diarrhea. To treat this, keep your Goldfish tank clean and pay attention to their diet. Provide your Goldfish with better quality food, as their current food may not be suitable for them.

3. Hanging Out

If you observe a tail-like thing behind your Goldfish, it is definitely their poop hanging behind them. This type of poop indicates that your Goldfish has been eating more than it can take, lately. To cure this, try reducing the amount of food for your Goldfish, or make them fast for a day or two.

goldfish poop hanging out

4. Thin and Long

If the shape f your Goldfish’s poop looks like a strand of hair, it is possible that your Goldfish is under-nourished. You need to give them high-quality food and feed them properly for the next couple of days. Make sure that you do not overfeed them. Do add vegetables, like lettuce, peas, and carrots to their diet, to provide them with more nutrition.

5. Thick and Long

This type of feces can be another indication of constipation in your Goldfish. This can be indicating a more severe case. To cure this, you can feed your Goldfish boiled peas without the shell. This meal is enriched with fiber and can easily help cure constipation in your Goldfish.

6. Strands of Poop

This is sadly another indication of bacterial infection in your Goldfish. If the anus of your Goldfish seems reddened and swollen, this may mean that your Goldfish is suffering from a parasitic infection.

7. Stringy

If the poop of your Goldfish seems like it is stringy, it may be deadly for them. Without a bloated belly or a swollen anus, this can mean that your Goldfish has tiny microorganisms living inside its belly. This must be discussed with a veterinarian immediately, as it can cause your Goldfish to die.

8. Solid

Normally, as I have mentioned earlier, a Goldfish’s poop needs to be solid. But, if the poop is too solid and tougher than normal, it may be indicating something. With roundworms present in your Goldfish’s belly, the consistency of their poop can become more dense and solid. Giving antibiotics to your Goldfish can kill these roundworms.

9. Bubbles

If you are observing bubbles in your Goldfish’s poop, your Goldfish may be suffocating. This can be due to the lack of oxygen as a result of an overcrowded tank, and dirty water. Too much algae in your Goldfish tank may also be contributing to this. So, you must keep your tankless crowded, and clean.

goldfish poop Bubbles

10. Excessive Poop

In case you have observed recently that your Goldfish is pooping more than usual, here is why:

  • Food Not Digested Properly: What happens if our digestive tract is not functioning properly? The food we take in will be expelled, as it is. It is the same for your Goldfish too. If the digestive tract of your Goldfish is not absorbing the nutrients from your Goldfish’s food intake, it will poop more often as the food will be expelled from its body. To treat this, you can add more fiber content to your Goldfish’s diet which will help the digestive system of your Goldfish to work properly.
  • Constipated: This again is caused due to lack of fiber and can be easily prevented by adding more vegetables to your Goldfish’s diet.
  • Poor Water Quality: If the water tank of your Goldfish is not clean and contains contaminants, such as waste products and bacteria, infections will be caused. This will cause your Goldfish to poop more.
  • Excessive Food Intake: As simple as it sounds, too much eating can cause too much poop. Make sure that you are feeding your Goldfish just as much as they need. Not any less and not anymore either.

GoldFish eating their own Poop

These golden beauties are always in search of food and something to nibble on. Goldfish are known to be omnivorous and can eat a variety of things, including insects, plants, and even smaller fish and their own poop by mistake. Similarly, they may also end up eating other fish’s poop as well. This is not because they enjoy the taste of it. Goldfish tend to eat anything that is large enough to fit in their mouths. However, you may want to consider feeding them as they might be hungry.

Eating their food is not a risk for them, but a general hint for you to not just feed your Goldfish, but also clean their water tank. Do not let too much Goldfish poop accumulate in their tanks for them to end up eating it.


Abnormal Goldfish poop is like an alarm system telling you to fix a problem that may be occurring with them. It is good if you have kept yourself well-informed about what your Goldfish’s poops must look like. Knowing how variance in their normal poop may hint towards a problem, is essential in keeping your Goldfish alive and well. I hope your Goldfish is pooping healthy and is at the best of its health!

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