The Complete Guide About Freshwater Fish

In the USA, more than 12 Million people keep Freshwater fish as pets thus making Fish the 3rd most kept Pet after cats and dogs. The most common freshwater fish that are kept are Gold Fish, Betta Fish, Guppy Fish, Molly Fish, Tetras, etc.

Firstly, why keep a fish? Let me tell you that there can be plenty of motives for fishkeeping.

1. You are lonely and you want a pet to give you company then what better can be there than a vibrant, lovely, and colorful shoal of fish in your aquarium?

2. Or, maybe your younger kid is begging you for a pet but you can’t keep it because of lesser space, (specific) pet allergy, or you can’t afford to buy and maintain pets. Resultantly, Fish comes out as comparatively low-maintenance pets for you.

3. One other reason can be that you want to develop a sense of responsibility for your kids so you get them a couple of fish. Now, you make them in charge of their feed following a schedule, cleaning, and taking care of their tank.

So, let’s say that you have made up your mind to keep Fish in your home. And let me assure you that it is your decision which you won’t regret at all. Whenever you will have look towards your aquarium, you will find these little colorful creatures lurking here and there in the beautiful aquariums. They will compel you to fall in love with them. If you make a schedule for their feeding time, you will find them gathering at that very specific point for their food. After some time, you will have the same attachment to them and you will love your decision of choosing fish as your pet.

You may ask another question why you should keep Freshwater Fish instead of Saltwater Fish? There can be many reasons which can be used in favor of or against this choice.

  • Keeping other reasons aside, my go-to answer is that Freshwater Fish is very easy to manage as compared to saltwater fish.
  • Freshwater fish are low maintenance.
  • As a newbie, it is expected that you may falter in managing water conditions in your aquarium. So, freshwater fish make an ideal choice as they are easily able to handle these small variations.

It does not mean at all that you are gonna take Freshwater fish for granted. These are living species and they need proper care, support, and love from you. You need to feed them on time, manage their water, and keep track of their health. Else, these poor creatures may fall prey to sickness.

Before selecting any fish for the aquarium, do detailed research. Find the specie of your choice, read in-depth about the Does and Don’ts of those fish, find an aquarium of the right size, get a very good filter, use sand or gravel at the base of the aquarium, and then get the healthy fish from a reputable seller. You can purchase all these things at any store or you may order online but you should be sure about your actions that you are not endangering these poor lives.  

One of the major issues is the dirty water tank that can put your fish in harm’s way. So, always keep a very good eye on the water. If it is getting cloudy or smelly then rest assured that it is not safe for your fish. To manage proper water conditions in the aquarium, you may use a water testing kit as well.

Furthermore, you should be conscious of their feed. You should clearly know what they can eat and what they can’t. Try to feed them a balanced diet so that they remain healthy.

Many newbies tend to mess things up in the initial phase and these mistakes cost them the lives of their fish. We never want this to happen to you so we try to equip every fishkeeper with all the knowledge and techniques that he needs for good fishkeeping.  Therefore, here, we will guide you on how to take care of your fish in a proper fashion; what to feed and what not to, their basic needs and how to address them, and their best suitable environment, etc.

Still, if you have any queries or questions about fish keeping or to be more specific, freshwater fish keeping then feel free to ping us. We will guide you to the best of our knowledge and abilities.