Do Betta Fish Like Colored Lights? Should You Use LED?

So the million-dollar question often asked by Betta owners is, Do Betta fish like colored lights? Or do they even like uncolored light? Is light necessary for Betta’s survival? What happens if Betta does not get enough light?

No, Betta fish don’t like colored lights. Betta fish like regular or natural light white led light that looks like natural light in day and blue led light at night is preferable. Bright and coloured lights increase stress in Betta fish.

If these are some of the questions which pop up in your mind then you are at the right place. We have got you covered. In this article, we will try to answer all these questions in detail. By the end of this article, you will know how much light a Betta needs in its life!

Do Betta Fish Like Colored Lights?

Colored Lights and Betta

So the question of whether Betta like colored lights cannot be answered in one word. It is like asking any human being whether they like colored lights or not. Some people would say yes while others would say no. Some people would say that they like them for a while like at parties but do not want them 24/7. Similar is the case with Betta. Betta is said to have eyes like human beings. This means that they can see colored lights. So if they can see the colored lights this means that an excess of colored lights could also stress them out. I mean how many of you would like to live under blue light forever? I am sure no one would like that.

Does Betta Need Light?

Well, the answer to this question is very straightforward as compared to the previous one. The answer to this question is a big fat Yes! Betta not only need light rather it is very important for them. Betta cannot survive without light. They need 8 to 12 hours of light on a daily basis. The main reason why they need light are given below;

To Set a Proper Sleep Cycle

The lights give the Betta an understanding that it is daytime. Once the lights go out the Betta knows that it is night. This helps to set a proper sleep cycle for the Betta.

To See Properly

Betta does not have night vision. So they definitely need proper light to see properly. Betta is naturally found in shallow water where lighting is not a problem.

To Locate Food

As they cannot see in darkness so to find their food properly in the tank Betta need light.

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What Kind of Light is the Best For Betta?

According to most research, I would say natural sunlight. To ensure that the Betta is getting natural light you need to ensure two things. We will talk about them one by one.

Make Sure That You Place Your Tank in a Well-lit Room

This will ensure that the tank gets sunlight throughout the day. Make sure that the tank gets the light throughout the day and not just for a few hours.

Place Your Tank in a Well-lit Room

Do Not Put it Under Direct Sunlight

Please do not do this to your Betta! The direct sunlight will cause an increase in the temperature of the fish tank. The temperature will go out of the tolerance of the Betta. Remember we are trying to give Betta light, we do not want to cook them! At least not like this, I’m joking relax. But do not joke with your Betta by putting it in direct sunlight.

Do Not Put betta tank Under Direct Sunlight

Keep an Eye on Algae Growth

Sunlight can boost the algae growth in your tank. This can make it dirty very quickly and must be maintained more frequently. So while keeping the fish tank in sunlight the algae growth must be monitored.

Keep an Eye on Algae Growth

Why is Natural Sunlight Better than Artificial Colored Lights?

Now we will discuss why natural sunlight is better than any other type of light source. We will discuss a few points one by one.

The Sunlight Gives the Betta a Natural Sleep Cycle

This is one of the major advantages of lighting up the tank with natural lighting. The Betta’s sleep cycle automatically aligns with the daylight and nighttime. You do not need to worry about whether your Betta is sleeping enough or not.

The Natural Light Gives the Illusion of a Natural Habitat

The Betta is used to sunlight as they are found in shallow water bodies. The natural lighting gives them a home-like feel which can make them more comfortable.

Don’t Need to Worry About Turning Lights on and off

Betta requires 8 to 12 hours of light. If the option of sunlight was not present then you would have to manually control the lights according to Betta’s requirement. Sunlight finishes this task altogether and gives you peace of mind.

Aesthetically Pleasing

People may have different opinions regarding this. But I think that an aquarium lit up with natural light is the best to see. All the colors in the tank appear as they are. Colored light on the other hand makes the water and everything in the tank colored. Some people like this too but this varies from person to person.

What are the other Light Options?

Are you giving up on your dream of Betta keeping just because you do not have natural sunlight at your home? If yes then hold that thought right there! Even though sunlight is more feasible for Betta but that does not mean that it is the only option. Offices and homes do not always have this blessing. Apart from that, some parts of the world do not have sunlight altogether. In such cases, you can substitute sunlight with equally good options. We will discuss these options now;

1. Artificial White Light

Artificial white light is available for fish tanks in the form of LEDs or incandescent lamps. These lights are an excellent substitute for sunlight. Artificial white light in the form of LEDs has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • No Over-Heating Of The Betta Tank: The biggest advantage of using LEDs is that it does not heat up the water. As discussed above direct sunlight can cause an increase in the water temperature of the Betta tank. This increase in temperature is highly unsuitable for the Betta and must be avoided at all costs. LEDs save us from this problem. LEDs do not produce heat hence the temperature of the Betta tank does not increase. This makes LEDs a great option.
No Over-Heating Of The Betta Tank
  • No Excess Algae Growth: As we have already discussed that sunlight boosts algae growth in the Betta tank. One advantage of using Artificial light is that it does not boost algae growth or any type of plant growth. This will save you from a lot of cleaning and maintenance of the tank. This in my opinion is one of the biggest advantages of using artificial light.
Keep an Eye on Algae Growth

Disadvantages of Using Artificial White Light

Apart from having numerous advantages, white light has its own drawbacks too. We will now discuss the disadvantages of using light from artificial sources.

  • Manually Operating the Lights: One of the most obvious disadvantages of using artificial white lights is that one has to turn them on and off manually. As discussed above Betta require 8 to 12 hours of light and dark for the remaining time. So the Betta owner has to keep a strict eye on this. If Betta does not get enough dark time its sleep cycle will be disturbed. If the Betta does not get enough sleep then it can fall prey to health problems.
Manually Operating betta tank Lights
  • Sleep Cycle has to be Maintained: Since the lights have to be controlled manually this is the same as controlling the sleep cycle. Any mistake in the switching of lights can disturb the sleep cycle of the Betta.

2. Colored LED Lights

As already discussed that colored lights if switched on for longer periods of time can stress the Betta. But apart from that, they do not have any negative effects.

LED Lights in betta tank

Advantages of Colored Lights

The advantages of using colored lights in the Betta tank are discussed below;

  • Add to the Beauty of the Betta Tank: Colored lights can add to the overall beauty of the tank. They are available in multiple colors. The colors can be changed depending on your mood.
  • Do Not Promote Heating or Algae Growth: Colored led lights like white led lights do not have a negative effect on the Betta tank. The temperature and algae growth is not affected by them.

Disadvantages of Colored Lights

The main and most important negative impact of using colored lights is that if the Betta are exposed to them for a long period of time they can get stressed and annoyed.

The Bottom Line on Do Betta Fish Like Colored Lights?

I hope through this article you got to understand some of the color preferences of your Betta. Light in the tank overall pops the color of Betta and makes them look more vibrant. Light is very important for the survival of Betta too. I hope that now you know how much light Betta want in their lives. So till next time may your tanks and lives be filled with light!

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