Common Fish Names Beginning With R

1. Rainbow Trout

One fish that starts with the letter R is the Rainbow Trout. These fish are known for their vibrant, rainbow-colored skin and are typically found in freshwater habitats such as rivers and lakes. They are popular among anglers and are also raised in fish farms for food. In addition to their striking appearance, Rainbow Trout are known for their excellent flavor and delicate texture.

2. Red Snapper

Another fish that begins with the letter R is the Red Snapper. This fish is found in tropical and subtropical waters and is known for its bright red skin and white flesh. Red Snapper is a popular food fish and is often served grilled or fried. However, due to overfishing, Red Snapper populations have declined in recent years, and they are now considered a threatened species.

3. Rockfish

Lastly, there is the Rockfish, a type of fish that is found in both freshwater and saltwater habitats. Rockfish come in a variety of colors and can range in size from just a few inches to several feet long. They are popular game fish and are also used in commercial fishing. In some areas, Rockfish populations have also declined due to overfishing, leading to conservation efforts to protect these unique and valuable fish.

Freshwater fish that starts with R

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Redtail Catfish
  • Red Piranha
  • Redtail Shark
  • Red Rainbowfish
  • Red-bellied Piranha
  • Redbreast Sunfish
  • Redear Sunfish
  • Redfin Pickerel
  • Redfin Shiner
  • Redhorse Sucker
  • Redline Rasbora
  • Redspotted Sunfish
  • Red striped Eartheater
  • Redtail Hemiodus
  • Red-tailed Rasbora
  • River Loach
  • Roach
  • Rosy Barb
  • Rosy Tetra
  • Round Goby

It’s worth noting that some of these species may also be found in brackish or saltwater environments

Tropical fish that starts with R

  • Rainbowfish
  • Rasbora
  • Red Discus
  • Red Phantom Tetra
  • Red Wag Platy
  • Red-Tailed Black Shark
  • Red-Tailed Catfish
  • Red-Tailed Hemiodus
  • Red-Tailed Rasbora
  • Redcap Oranda
  • Redhump Eartheater
  • Redline Torpedo Barb
  • Rednose Tetra
  • Red striped Eartheater
  • Redtail Botia
  • Redtail Catfish
  • Redtail Shark
  • Redtop Labeo
  • Regal Angelfish
  • Royal Gramma

It’s worth noting that some of these species may also be found in other environments beyond tropical waters, such as subtropical or temperate waters

Saltwater fish that starts with R

  • Rainbow Runner
  • Razorfish
  • Red Drum (also known as Redfish)
  • Red Grouper
  • Red Snapper
  • Redtail Catfish
  • Regal Tang
  • Rock Beauty
  • Rockfish
  • Rock Hind
  • Round Stingray
  • Ruby Snapper

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