Why Does Betta Fry Keep On Dying & How To Avoid It?

Are your betta hatchlings also known as betta fry dying? Are you confused about why is this happening? Does your heart break after every breeding season? Then don’t worry as we have got you covered. We will discuss why your Betta fry keeps on dying. We will also discuss what can be done to prevent this. So let’s start the mission of keeping the betta fry alive! Trust me it is not that difficult.

If Betta fry is dying there are some basic problems in aquariums or fish tanks. Poor maintenance, poor water conditions, bad quality diet, temperature fluctuation, acidic water, ammonia nitrate, and toxins in the water.

Betta fry dying can make any owner worried. A happy and healthy fry makes a healthy grown-up in the future. We will discuss all the things that might be going wrong.

Survival Rate

The Betta fries are so tiny and fragile that most people might assume that they die easily. But this is not the case. Betta fries have an extremely high survival rate. A 90% survival rate is recorded in Betta fries. This number suggests that the Betta fry should not die as usual. So if Betta fries keep on dying in your fish tank then there is something definitely wrong in your tank. Betta fries’ high survival rate makes them a good option to keep as pets at home.

Why do Betta Fries Keep on Dying?

Okay so now let’s dive into the real issue. Why exactly is this happening? There are a number of reasons why your Betta fries might be dying. We will discuss in detail the reasons. Later on, we will also discuss how to counter these problems. Given below are the reasons why your betta fries might be dying.

Betta Fries Keep On Dying

1. Female Betta Instinct

Female Bettas by nature eat their babies and eggs. So if your Betta fries keep on dying you need to check that are they really dying naturally or are they being murdered by their mothers.

2. Bad Father

Father Betta is responsible for taking care of the betta eggs and fries. Sometimes you may encounter an aggressive father. Such bettas go against nature and start eating their babies. So this could be a cause of the bettas dying.

3. Diseases

Bacterial and Fungal infections can cause the death of betta fries. Bacteria and Fungi can enter the tank through the food or they can spread from any other diseased tank mate. It is difficult to predict from where such infections enter the tank but they sure can enter. Betta dropsy and Betta ich are some of the diseases which can be caught by Betta fries.


4. Bullies in the Tank

Some strong fish tend to bully weak ones. So if your betta fries are dying you must observe the other tank mates. The bully fish might injure, harm, or even eat the Betta fries. The bullies do so to show their strength and establish dominance among the tank mates. So the bullies might weaken the betta fries and cause their early death.

Bullies in the Tank

5. Unsuitable Tank Conditions

This is one of the most common reasons behind the early death of betta fries. As human beings, marine life is also greatly affected by its environment.

Unsuitable Tank Conditions

 If the environment is not according to the need of any species then it will surely have an impact on their health and overall well-being. The same is the case with betta fries, if their living condition is not according to the standard then they will surely get affected by it.

Now we will discuss different factors about the Betta tank which can have an effect on the health and life of Betta fries.

6. Unclean Tank

We all know the proverb that cleanliness is next to godliness. An unclean place is a hub for different diseases and parasites. An unclean tank makes an unhealthy living place for the newly-born betta. It is natural that they will get sick in such a place and will die way before they would if the tank was clean.

Green Water

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7. Unsuitable Temperature

Betta needs a certain tank temperature for their survival and so do betta fries. The out-of-range temperature could be a cause of the early death of the betta fries. The ideal temperature range for betta fries is 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Unsuitable pH

However, it might not seem like something so important but it really is. An out-of-range pH value of the tank water can cause the death of betta fries. The ideal pH range for betta fries is between 6.5 to 8.

The ideal pH and Water Hardness

9. Lack of Dissolved Oxygen

Lack of dissolved oxygen in the tank water can also be unhealthy for the betta fries. In such a case they have to struggle to get oxygen from the surface of the water. So this lack of oxygen can also lead to the early death of the betta fries.

10. Chemical Composition

Excess ammonia and nitrates in the tank can be dangerous for betta fries. The concentration of ammonia and nitrates in the tank depends on the waste material present in the tank. As the amount of waste material increases so does the concentration of these chemicals. So a tank with such chemical impurities can be a cause of the early death of betta fries.

11. Excess Betta Feed

If the food given to the fish in the tank is more than the requirement then excess food accumulates in the tank. This food decomposes and releases toxins in the tank water. These toxins can be fatal for betta fries or make them unhealthy generally.

12. Light Requirements

Betta fries have a sleep cycle according to the lighting. They sleep only in the dark. If the light is not controlled properly then the betta fries cannot fulfill their sleep requirements which will negatively impact their health. So a tank with improper lighting can also be fatal.

13. Overcrowded Tank

Just like human beings, betta fries also don’t like overcrowded places. An overcrowded environment is stressful for the Betta fries and they cannot thrive in it. Moreover, an overcrowded tank makes it difficult to keep an eye on the bullies. So an overcrowded tank increases the chances of the early death of the betta.

Overcrowded Tank

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How to Prevent the Betta Fries From Dying?

Okay, now enough of investigating why the fries are dying. Now is the time to take action! We shall now discuss the measures one can take to prevent their Betta fries from dying. We will discuss in detail all of these measures. They are very simple and can be done by any layman. Okay so let’s dive into the precautionary measures for keeping our betta alive for a long time.

Remove the Female Betta from the Tank

It is in the nature of Mother betta to eat its eggs and fries. So in order to keep the betta fries safe, the owner must remove the female betta from the tank right after they have lain their eggs. The Mother fries should be shifted to a separate tank as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye on a Bad Father

In every breeding season keep an eye on the male betta. Is the father betta taking care of the fries? If yes then all is good. If the father betta seems to be aggressive then he should not be used for breeding in the next season and also the betta fries must be kept away from him.

Remove Bullies From the Tank

Bullies are the tank mates who bother the betta fries. This could lead to the betta fries getting ill and even dying. So if you spot a bully in the tank you must get rid of it as soon as possible. You can simply put him in another tank or return it to the pet store.

Bullies in the Tank

Keep the Tank Free From Parasites

Parasites like Bacteria and fungi can enter the tank through various means. These parasites can spread various diseases in the tank and kill the betta fries way ahead of time. There are certain steps you can follow to keep the tank free of diseases.

  • Buy good quality food for the fish to make sure that it is germ-free.
  • Quarantine any new fish before placing it in the main tank. Quarantining makes sure that the new fish is healthy and will not be the cause of diseases in the tank.
  • Change the water frequently.
  • Do proper chlorination.
  • If you add any new decorations to the tank, make sure that they are free of germs.
  • Do not let a dead fish stay in the tank, remove it immediately.

Avoid Overcrowding

Trust me, you won’t get an award for cramming too many fish in the tank. Give your pets a break, let them breathe. The tank should not be overcrowded since it is a cause of stress for the Betta fries. Your fish should be able to swim freely in the tank without bumping into each other.

Adding your Fish

Clean the Tank Regularly

Betta fries need a clean environment to be healthy. To keep the tank clean you need to do the following things;

  • Change the water in the tank regularly.
  • Ensure a proper water filtration system in the tank.
  • Thoroughly clean the tank using mild soap. The decorations and all the ornaments present in the tank must be cleaned too to make them free of debris and dirt.
  • Use an aquarium net to take out any excess food which might be in the tank.

Monitor the Water Temperature

Get your hands on a thermometer and make sure that the temperature is suitable for the betta fries. The temperature must be strictly kept between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Maintain the pH of the Tank Water

Monitor the pH of the tank water regularly and keep it strictly between 6.5 to 8.

Proper Lighting

In order to maintain a proper sleeping cycle for your betta fries, you have to ensure proper timings of dark and light in the tank. The best way to ensure this is by using LED lights. You can turn these lights on and off according to a fixed schedule in accordance with the betta fries requirement.

Do Not Put betta tank Under Direct Sunlight

Use of Air Bubbler

In order to ensure proper oxygenation of the water for your betta fries, you can use an air bubbler. An air bubbler will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the tank water which is highly critical for the baby bettas.

Monitor Ammonia and Nitrate Levels in the Tank

The waste material in the tank spikes the ammonia and nitrate concentration. Keep a check on these levels and don’t let them increase as they can kill the betta. In order to keep the concentration low, you must not let waste material gather in the tank. Frequent water change ensures that the concentration of such chemical toxins is low. You can also add plants to your tank so that such harmful chemicals can be absorbed by them.

Avoid Excessive Feeding

Excessive feeding must be avoided due to the following reasons;

  • Extra food lying in the tank can have a bad effect on the water quality.
  • If the fish eat more than their requirement then they will generate more waste material which will again deteriorate the water quality.

The Bottom Line On Betta Fry Keep On Dying

Losing a pet is one of the most painful experiences and I hope that no one has to ever go through it. One can feel helpless when one sees their tiny betta fries dying. I hope through this article some of your confusion is cleared and you have an idea of what’s going on. You might have also gotten an idea of what to do in the future to save your precious babies from such a fate. The main thing which should be kept in mind is to not panic. Every fish owner has his or her own journey and every journey has its ups and downs. One must keep their head up and keep on trying to be the best version of yourself for your beautiful pet. I hope you will be feeling a bit better now. This was all for today, till next time happy fishkeeping!

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