About Feekify

If you are here reading about the brain behind Feekify.com, it gives me immense pleasure and confidence that you are pretty satisfied with my content and you wanna know more about me.

About the Founder

Before I proceed any further, I would love to tell you a story. This story is about Jack Schneider, an average guy, and when I say average I mean it. He is average-looking, has an average house, studies in an average college, and has average grades. He tries many things in life but he is unable to master any single art. He is literally the Jack of all trades and master of none.

After his degree as a Software Engineer, Jack found an average job and was ready to become a corporate slave while moving to a new city. On his departure, Jack’s parents gifted him a beautiful aquarium.

Jack didn’t know how he felt about it, I mean, of course, he loved it as a gift but apart from that he had no idea about fish and hadn’t even had any pet fish in his childhood. His parents left him and he was all alone in his apartment with an aquarium that had a single fish (whose breed was unknown to him). After a while, Jack got hungry and ordered food for himself and watched a movie, a few hours passed and he got hungry again that’s when he realized “Dang! the fish must be hungry too” he ran to the aquarium and luckily the fish wasn’t dead “Phew!” said Jack. He remembered that his father had brought the fish food along with the aquarium, he opened the packet and tossed it in a random amount, and he read the packet which said “Goldfish food”. “So they call you Goldfish,” said Jack while looking at the lonely fish.

Jack felt very lonely in his apartment, with no roommate or friends to keep him company, that’s when Jack realized that his fish must be lonely too. So the next day Jack set off to the public library and did some research about fish, on his way back he was confident that he was ready and bought five more fish for the aquarium. Days passed by and Jack became very attached to his aquarium. He started enjoying fish keeping.

After a couple of months, Jack threw a housewarming party. Friends, family, and everyone Jack knew was invited. People came and looked around the place, there wasn’t much to look at though, but almost everyone praised the aquarium, its clean water, and healthy fish. “Jack you are a pro!” said Mindy, his boss. A few of the fish enthusiasts even started taking tips from Jack. “How did you acclimatize them?”, “How do you monitor the temperature?”, “From where do you get the food?” and a gazillion other questions which Jack answered perfectly. That’s when average Jack realized that he was an above-average fish keeper. Jack suddenly felt like he had found his purpose in life, it’s not every day that you find out that you’re above average at something. So fishkeeping became Jack’s favorite thing, he would read different journals, books, and articles and would spend a significant amount of his salary on upgrading his aquarium and buying new aquariums and fish. While doing his Average Job his mind was always occupied with the beautiful babies waiting at home.

Time went by and soon enough the Apartment was filled with aquariums of different sorts with countless breeds of beautiful fish in it. Jack wanted to buy more Aquariums but there was simply no space left. He wanted to get a bigger house but his average job gave a very average salary and with all the fish keeping he barely made ends meet. That’s when he took the painful decision of selling some of the aquariums.

He made different “for sale” posters and distributed them all around. The day the sale was to be held Jack was sitting in his apartment feeling all emotional and sad, this was the only thing that he was good at and now he had to give up a part of it, “wow just wow” said Jack. There was a knock on the door and a good-looking lady, Marina entered to buy an aquarium. She was just a beginner so Jack guided her through every step to buy and maintain the aquariums. Marina always had questions about fishkeeping and Jack was there to answer them passionately. Soon, a friendship grew and both of them married together. So, his love for fish brought him the love of his life.

By now, you must have a fair idea about life of Jack, which means my life. I started living a blessed life with Marina, my lovely Fish, and both of us love those Fish. Then, we were gifted with twins James and Anita. So, life was all set.

But I always wanted to share my expertise with all those who are passionate about fishkeeping. That’s when in 2020, Marina suggested I start a blog about Fish. I was simply overwhelmed by the idea and I planned to make it the Best Fishkeeping Blog ever. However, reality struck me in the face. It was not at all an easy task. Neither, I was regular in posting nor could I find the passion for writing. So, my blog was just a time pass sort of activity and I was not happy with my progress.

However, after 2 years, I have restarted my Blogging and the sole credit goes to Marina. She is helping me in writing and staying by my side. Both of us plan to create a blog that will have comprehensive knowledge about Fish and Fishkeeping. I am frequently complimented as an above-average fish keeper. But, my aim is to create a blog so good that once James and Anita grow up, they learn fish keeping by consulting it. Once I will achieve this milestone, I will grade myself an Excellent Fishkeeper.

I am pretty confident that Jack of all has managed to become a master of at least one. However, you are the best judge of my claim. Waiting for you to connect with me on my FB page and Pinterest boards. Write to me if you have any suggestions or questions. I will be pleased to answer you.