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Who Are We?

Before I proceed any further, I would love to tell you a story. This story is about Jack Schneider, an average guy, and when I say average I mean it. He is average-looking, has an average house, studies in an average college, and has average grades. He tries many things in life but he is unable to master any single art. He is literally the Jack of all trades and master of none.

Jack didn’t know how he felt about it, I mean, of course, he loved it as a gift but apart from that he had no idea about fish and hadn’t even had any pet fish in his childhood. His parents left him and he was all alone in his apartment with an aquarium that had a single fish (whose breed was unknown to him). After a while, Jack got hungry and ordered food for himself and watched a movie, a few hours passed and he got hungry again that’s when he realized “Dang! the fish must be hungry too” he ran to the aquarium and luckily the fish wasn’t dead “Phew!” said Jack. He remembered that his father had brought the fish food along with the aquarium, he opened the packet and tossed it in a random amount, and he read the packet which said “Goldfish food”. “So they call you Goldfish,” said Jack while looking at the lonely fish.

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